FFXIV Dev Blog: Recording in Progress

When the Ferne’s away, Pinurabi will play!

And play I did, in the sound studio as Yoshi-P and Murouchi/Foxclon/Morbol of Community & Services were recording the first Developers’ Commentary video.


The scene above may put fans in mind of a Letter from the Producer LIVE, though this time you get to see your two favorite presenters from the rear end. Yay! As a trade-off, though, you don’t get to see the object that Yoshi-P is holding in his hands. What in seven hells is it, you ask? You’ll have to figure it out from the photo below!


…So did you figure it out? I’m afraid we can’t reveal any details at the moment. Please wait until the video goes live!


5 thoughts on “FFXIV Dev Blog: Recording in Progress

    1. Didn’t notice that the first time I looked at it. Curious to see what these little non-arcanist pets are for

  1. yeah. very good call. PS3 controller UI is definitely being tested. maybe being recorded for convention or if he does another nico nico live?

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