FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 296

Bragging Rights- Pet Food Alpha

With yesterday’s reveal of information surrounding Seekers of Adoulin in addition to other recent announcements, we’re gearing up for a new episode of Pet Food Alpha!

We’re aiming for this Saturday, Febrary 2nd.

Drop a comment below and tell us some of the awesome things that have been going on for you in game over the last few weeks! We’ll read them on the next show!

3 thoughts on “FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 296

  1. I re-signed up to FFXI and after 2 weeks have BST, THF, and RDM at 99. I’m not even playing hardcore. I have a full time job and school that get in the way. Leveling sure has changed since the last time I played. I like it.

  2. Finish the level 95 Limit Break Quest…. Now to set eye on that dreaded tarutaru fight I hear horror stories about.

    Also made progress on my NPC fellow which moved from 47 to 50 during a party in the Sandy Prison doing pages on Bloodsuckers.

  3. Just got my Dancer to 25 and my Beastmaster to 17 in Gusgen yesterday. I was going to tackle Maat with Monk/War combination at 70 but after hearing stories that he’s no walk in the park with monk I opted to change the jobs for the fight. Also I want a solo combination to do the CoP quests when I get to 99 and Bst/Dnc is one of the best (if not the best) solo combination. What do you guys think of this change?

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