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Good afternoon!

Fernehalwes here in one of the FINAL FANTASY XIV meeting rooms, taking a break after a long session with the P about cutscene dialogue windows, angry treants, and homemade hot-sauce.


And, well, all that constructive dialogue got me wondering: do we have meetings because we are busy, or are we busy because we have meetings? The answer to this question may elude us for eternity, but with a view like this……wait, what was it I was talking about again?


Ah right! The walls!
It’s difficult to tell from the picture above, but almost every single wall in the team’s workspace, including those in the meeting rooms, are dry-erase whiteboards, so people can jot down ideas anywhere and everywhere they like–a kindergartner’s dream realized by middle-aged game creators, who, when you think about it, are all still kids at heart.


Albeit some mind-boggingly talented kids…

Note: This is a work in progress, and by the evening will probably have Dragon Quest slimes, ascii cats, and piles of doggie doo scribbled all over it.


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