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Announcing the “Chocobos Rule the World” Contest!

25 Jan 2013

The brave and majestic steed that’s always been at your side, ready to help at the blow of your whistle – of course, we speak of the mighty chocobo! These trusty companions endure quite a bit of hardships on a daily basis; riding through dangerous landscapes, dashing through hordes of monsters, avoiding treacherous falls, and all the while carrying you and your stuffed-to-bursting inventory around! It’s about time adventurers pay some homage to these friendly domesticated creatures of Eorzea. We call upon the adventurers around the world to, using the medium of your choice, create an artistic rendition of a chocobo. It can be a drawing, a delectable dessert, a hand-crafted piece of art — the sky is the limit, so be creative and get to wark!

Saddle up and head on over to the official forum for the full contest details!