NRA Releases A Game That Lets You Shoot Things- Entire World Facepalms

NRA Releases A Game That Lets You Shoot Things- Entire World Facepalms

In a move that will make people around the globe scratch their heads in utter disbelief, the National Rifle Association has released a free game for iOS that lets players shoot at various targets.

NRA: Practice Range also features micro transactions which allows users to purchase new guns for them to shoot. The game has been rated 4 years and older because you are only firing at targets in the game. The app also features safety tips scattered throughout such as “always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.”

So let’s get this straight- the NRA who blames violent shootings on video games has released… a video game. This game, is rated for four year olds and older. This game lets you give money to the NRA to buy new guns to shoot. To try and make it look like its not the stupidest idea in the world, they put gun safety tips in the game as if to say “It’s not going to encourage violence because we have safety tips!” Unfortunately, that doesn’t help the fact that this is indeed, one of the stupidest things we have ever seen.

Did we also mention today marks the one month anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings? Stay classy NRA.

6 thoughts on “NRA Releases A Game That Lets You Shoot Things- Entire World Facepalms

  1. Keep the politics on a political site please. Fusion’s liberal philosophy is of no interest.

  2. The fact that in the game you don’t shoot any living targets, only practice targets at a firing range makes a pretty big difference.

  3. No Robert, it doesn’t.

    One could argue that it teaches kids how to use guns.
    Or that its violent.
    Or that target practice is really no different from shooting aliens. After all, neither are real people. Or even the likeness of people.

    Simple fact is that the NRA blamed “VIDEO GAMES” for the shooting. Not:

    “video games that allow players to shoot the likeness of humans.”

    They blamed the whole industry.

  4. I have to say this is a pretty surprising move by the NRA. According to another story on the subject, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre stated just recently in connection to the tragedy at Sandy Hook: “Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media and Obama’s budget kill people.” I am sure they will draw a distinction between targets on a grass range and the games they usually cite to for video game violence, but the irony here cannot be ignored. In any event I agree that it is a stupid idea to release the app – whether one supports stricter gun controls or not.

  5. NRA is trying to prove that the video game industry is a dangerous and unregulated market where anything, regardless of content, can be brought to market. It’s scapegoating and it won’t work.

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