End of a Generation – Playstation 2 Production Comes To a Halt

Sony recently confirmed to The Guardian that after 12 years of production, the Sony PlayStation 2 has come to the end of it’s production life, worldwide.

PlayStation 2 was originally released in North America in 2000, and many people share fond memories of how they obtained their first PS2. With more than 150 million PlayStation 2s sold during its lifetime, the bar has certainly been set high for future generations of consoles. PlayStation 2 also set the tone for a multitude of what we expect from today’s games in everything from Graphics (Final Fantasy X) to what we expect in online multiplayer FPS games (SOCOM II). Also, PlayStation 2 reached for untouched territory in releasing an MMO in Final Fantasy XI. Sony certainly raised the gaming bar to new levels with its PlayStation 2.

Perhaps the legacy it leaves behind is more in the nostalgia and the experiences many gamers share in how they obtained their first PlayStation 2. Share your “First PlayStation 2” story in the comment feed for a chance to have it read on the next episode of the Gamer Escape Podcast!

2 thoughts on “End of a Generation – Playstation 2 Production Comes To a Halt

  1. A friend was playing FFXI Online on his PS2 and needed to run in the other room for a few minutes. He had me keep walking his Tarutaru BLM through windurst at night. Right then and there I knew I was going to buy a PS2 with the FFXI HD attachment the next day. My first game was FFXI while my second was SSX followed by SSX Tricky, then SSX2, Baldur’s Gate and GT1 & GT2.

    I still play FFXI to this day and own + drive one of the convertible sports cars I drove in GT2.

  2. I remember the first time ever seeing a PS2 was on Christmas day when I got Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 2 for my first games for the system.. It was really cool and what hooked me into the FF franchise.

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