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A Look At Tomb Raider's Multiplayer

8 Jan 2013

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In the latest episode of THE FINAL HOURS OF TOMB RAIDER, host Zachary Levi heads to Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) has done with the multiplayer mode for the upcoming TOMB RAIDER game.

The multiplayer is based around two factions- the island’s indigenous Scavengers and the crew members from the Endurance. Players will be able to to use traversal and hunting skills from the single player campaign in addition to trap-setting across the game’s various landscapes and selection of game modes.

At first glance, the multiplayer component appears to have an Uncharted vibe to it- not surprising given the type of game TOMB RAIDER is. Except this one has Zachary Levi as a playable multiplayer character. Who needs Doughnut Drake when you got Chuck?