10 thoughts on “FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 295

  1. Ceilia (pronounced Seal – E – Ah) on Shiva

    Reactivated my account. With in one week took Summoner from 80 to 99, my first job at level 99. Took White Mage from 43 to 73, blazed through from CoP 4-1 to complete. Completed Voidwatch Bastok and Windurst. Earned my Evoker’s ring. Obtained my Caller’s Pigaches +1. Also listened to the last years worth of PFA while at work. Thanks for the quality entertainment gets me through the day at my boring job. /cheers

  2. Just reactivated also. Love how fast you can level. Went dnc from 10 to 55 in 2 days. I can’t wait to really dive in and get going with quest. Just not looking forward to having do last genkai. Heard that mnk taru a pain. But loving the game once again. And having Pfa around Still brings it all back.

  3. Kyrix on Ragnarok

    Reactivated my account with a few RL friends. Levelled RDM 32-49 and SAM 15-49. Completed G4 and currently leveling and skilling DRG for Maat fight. Currently listening to all PFA episodes I’ve missed since summer 2011. Unlocked DNC.

  4. I came back to Vana’Diel last year and get my PLD to lvl 95 now! I hope I can complete the G10 tomorrow. I’m listening to the new episodes of PFA too and startet hearing the old ones from episode 1! Just finished episode 8 lol! And I listen to LBR (episode 21) and Aetheryte Radio (episode 2 + the last 2). So you can see I become a huge fan of your shows. If you are doing an episode for returning players can you please give an overview about Abyssea and new endgame stuff?
    I recognized in the last episode that Bersty is an my server (Ragnarok) and I tried to tell him that we have bagged milk in germany too (but it seems he was afk :)

  5. Got Ukon 85, Almace 85, Kannagi 85, full thaumas set, and shouted for a dance party, and actually got interested people to gather in jeuno to…. Dance. Yes that happened. Subligar wearin galkas and everything.

    1. @bersty Well,… Is it about Final Fantasy?
      Okay, I will give it a chance and download an episode – satisfied?

  6. It’s from GamerEscape… of course it is about Final Fantasy… XIV and XIV… and much, much more!

    1. Okay, I will listen tonight to GEP. I’ll tell if I like it :D

    2. Nice show too! But I’m too addicted to FFXI so I will listen to the others more. But I will continue hearing GEP too! :D

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