Seekers of Adoulin Website Updated- Trailer, Screenshots And Date!

27 Dec 2012

Prepare your steel and shields, adventurers, for FINAL FANTASY XI’s fifth expansion pack, Seekers of Adoulin, will be warping into existence on March 26, 2012!

Across the seas, where the sun sets, wait new adventures in the Sacred City of Adoulin and the unsullied jungle that spans Ulbuka, which has been closed to the mortal races for hundreds of years. Unexplored lands, undiscovered treasures, and untold dangers await those brave enough to set foot into the wilds, whether with the swords and sorcery of old, bells of the primal geomancers, or arcane arts of the stalwart rune fencers.

A new sky is rising over Vana’diel-may Altana guide you as you set foot into these uncharted territories.

Visit the Seekers of Adoulin website for further details on the myriad mysteries contained within Ulbuka.

* Seekers of Adoulin content is scheduled to become playable on Wednesday, March 27.

You can view the gallery of new images after the jump!

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