Enter Sleeping Dogs’ Zodiac Tournament

Square Enix has announced the next batch of downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs, titled The Zodiac Tournament, will become available Dec. 18.

The new DLC features a martial arts tournament where players are asked to take on the best fighters in the world.

The Zodiak Tournament is inspired by classic kung fu movies. Wei Shen will have to fight his way through a series of arenas populated with basic enemies, only then will Shen get to face a new contestant one-on-one. The DLC also features the opportunity to unlock new finishing moves once he achieves victory. The Zodiac Tournament is said to be integrated directly into the main game; therefor, can be accessed at any time. However, the DLC may prove to be quite difficult should your character not be the recommended level.

Look for The Zodiac Tournament DLC to become available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, December 18th.