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It’s no secret that a large amount of players for FINAL FANTASY XI have dabbled in the forbidden realm of third party tools. We sat down and talked about the history of one of these popular third party tools on our Pet Food Alpha podcast.

Now it seems a new alternative has entered the arena as the team at have just announced the Ashita Project- a tool similar to the widely known Windower, but with an open source SDK for plugins (extensions). You can see their announcement below.

We would like to remind our readers that the use of third party tools is against the FINAL FANTASY XI Terms of Service. Use them at your own risk.

Today marks a big day in the 3rd party community.

With the full support of BG and Guildwork, I’m here to present to you an alternative way to play FFXI:


Made by FFEvo, Ashita is a third-party application (and hook) that allows you to play Final Fantasy XI in a windowed mode seamlessly across multiple instances on the same PC. While that is one of the main features of Ashita, it also brings a rich extension interface to developers to create a robust and highly versatile playing experience by extending what the game can already do.

Ashita is the work of RZN, one of the heads and founders of FFEvo and FFACE. Along with atom0s (lead Dev) and h1pp0, we plan to make Ashita one of the programs you come to for a rich gaming experience.

Extensions, commonly known as “plugins”, allow developers to create applications that can extend, better, or automate game play in endless ways. Ashita exposes a feature rich extension interface that has a handful of useful things already done for developers. This helps make the process of getting setup and running a new extension extremely easy and painless.

Extensions have endless limits and possibilities. Developers can reach deep in their creativity and bring out some massive potential to create new, amazing, and helpful tools that create brand new experiences to the game. We are open sourced with our development of extensions. What sets us apart from all others is that we promote creative freedom for all programmers. If you want something created, you have the tools and resources to do such.

We are looking for more developers for extension projects as well as testers for bug fixes and support to enhance Ashita. Show your support today by going to and using Ashita. We will soon be converting over some of your loved programs from all over to use on Ashita as well.

FFEvo forums
Ashita info wiki

There are many programs on FFEvo that could be questionable for any players in FFXI. However, we do not believe in hiding the existence of such programs and ask you to express caution when using them as you would with any 3rd party program. All 3rd party programs work with Ashita and we will continue to support that. We are not responsible for the actions you do when using 3rd party programs.

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  1. Hello GamerEscape, atom0s here, lead developer for Ashita. Just wanted to clear up a few minor things with this article. Ashita itself as a whole is not open source, just the extension SDK is. Along with that, we aren’t really a contender. We don’t see ourselves as a rival to Windower but more of a user choice and alternative with a different community atmosphere, goals, and opinions. Thanks for the press though! :)

    1. Than you for the corrections. We’ve gone ahead and made the appropriate changes to the article.

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