ARR Developers’ Blog: Once More Unto the Breach

Greetings everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me from the Lodestone Forums, this is Fernehalwes—translator of tomes, lover of lore, and as of today, poster of posts here on the developers’ blog! From now until the launch of A Realm Reborn (and hopefully well beyond), I and my trusty partner-in-crime, the mysterious and lovely project manager ‘M’, will be bringing you irregular updates on the inner workings of the FINAL FANTASY XIV development team. This includes, but is most definitley not limited to, office tours, interviews, and lots of blurry photographs of cluttered booths and overworked programmers.

Speaking of blurry photos, why, here are a few of our soon-to-be-released Official Benchmark program!



(What? I wasn’t supposed to reveal it was the benchmark? But it says so right there on the scr—

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