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Nintendo's Wii-Mini, Eh?

30 Nov 2012

Nintendo subtly announced the launch of another new console recently, the Wii-Mini. The console, which will be available in Canada starting December 7th for $100, specializes in supporting Nintendo Wii titles; however, lacks an array of the important features included in the original Nintendo Wii. Backwards compatibility for GameCube titles,  and the ability to connect in any way, shape, or form to the Internet just to name a few.

The console features a smaller design for the cheaper cost, and is targeted towards users who simply want to get their motion gaming on. An obvious choice for the new gamer who has no desire to connect with the nostalgic titles of the past.

Not something you see yourself being interested in?

The Wii-Mini is only going to be sold in the Canadian market for now. Nintendo has yet to announce whether or not it plans to market the Wii-Mini in U.S. or U.K. markets.