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Krosmaster Arena: Meet the Krosmasters - Part 3

28 Nov 2012

Greetings, adventurers of the Krosmoz! We are back to introduce you to more of the famous Krosmasters that you may encounter in the upcoming Krosmaster system, which will be available soon to the World of Twelve!

Krosmaster Arena is the first expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU that will allow you to face not only people from other servers but even players from other games, without logging off from your favorite game!

To conclude the series of previous “Meet the Krosmasters” Dev Blogs, we would like introduce you to more of the possibly already familiar beings that you may encounter during your journey into Krosmaster Arena.


He surely looks like a good lad this Shak Shaka! He offers shelter and food in his own kingdom without asking for anything in return.

The most suspicious might say that behind all this cotton candy and free carousel rides hides an evil secret… But what would be the point of these temptations, if not giving in? You will soon discover this fantastic and gifted character in Krosmaster Arena!



Their souls are dark and their code of honor is like the reflection on their armor: Flawless!

Some of you already know… They are part of the legends of the World of Twelve. And now the Dark Knights swear loyalty to Krosmaster Arena! Good news for those who have them at their side, but such a terrible destiny for those who will suffer their weapon of choice, the famous Tormentor… What is it? Will you dare find out?



Sacriers are always ready to spill their own blood to win a fight!

Cheers to the Sacriers: the only fighters ready to give as much blood as they shed!

Sacriers join the collection of figurines available in Krosmaster Arena, and conclude it! To apologize, they had the wonderful idea to run a bath for you… A blood bath!

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