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Content Update 1.8: Hotfix 2 Deployed

28 Nov 2012

We deployed a second hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 1.8. Here is a list of the changes that were made.

Important Information

For an up-to-the-minute status of the game server through the patch deployment process, please visit the Server Status sub-forum.

For full, updated patch notes please see the “Content Update 1.8: Calamar Island, the Hunt Is On” announcement.


  • Restate of Emergency: Will now have an icon in the quest tracker.
  • Environmental quests will no longer increase more for a same player depending on the amount of members the group has.
  • Players who didn’t take part in a horde quest will no longer receive the reward.
  • Calamar island quests will now have a minimum level equal to the minimum level of the island.



  • Chaos Quartermaster: They can now reproduce and generate new Pirates.


Ultimate Bosses

  • A bug preventing the key from being destroyed when a player would enter the Magmog and Black Crow instances has been fixed.



  • Some inventories would not display properly due to the Starlie item. This has been fixed. The inventories should come back without any loss (it was just a display issue).
  • Spektral Insignia: Will now display correctly.
  • The Dark Hurl Set has been slightly modified.
    • Hurlmet: +85 HP, +15 Init (new), +20% Fire dmg, +10% Resist all, +18% CH dmg, +20 Dodge, +1 CH (instead of 3), +1 Lvl to Water spells (instead of fire).
    • Hurlplate: +84 HP, +15 Ini (new), +15% Fire dmg, +16 % Resist Earth, +12% Resist Water, +10 Dodge, +1 CH (instead of 3), +1 Lvl to Water spells (instead of fire).
    • Hurling Cloak: +78 HP, +7 Ini (new), +14% Fire dmg, +9 Resist all, +10% Resist to dmg from back, +10% CH dmg, +1 CH (instead of 2), +1 Lvl to Water spells (instead of fire).
    • Hurl Belt: +60 HP, +7 Ini (new), +16% Fire dmg, +15% Resists Earth, +11% Resist Water, +10 Dodge, +1CH (instead of 2).
    • Ephurlettes: +57 HP, +7 Ini (new), +15% Fire dmg, +8% Resist all, +12% CH dmg, +1 CH (instead of 2).
    • Set bonus:
      • 2 pieces: +10% Fire dmg, +7 Ini (instead of +1CH)
      • 3 pieces: +15% CH dmg, +1 Lvl to Water spells (instead of fire)
      • 4 pieces: +15% Fire dmg, +15 Ini (instead of +2 CH)
      • 5 pieces: +1 AP



  • Chasa: no longer repeats the same dialogue over and over again.



  • Larventura: Will now be accessible to non-subscribers.



  • Some recipes suffered display issues and were no longer visible. This has been fixed.



  • The position markers on the map will no longer disappear.
  • Drago Express will no longer have the Zaap icons on the map.
  • Tooltips when passing the cursor over fight icons will now work properly.