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Content Update 1.8: Calamar Island, the Hunt Is On

22 Nov 2012

Here comes the next Content Update! Are you ready to be the first to step foot on a completely revamped Calamar Island, featuring new Treasure Hunts and shiny Shin Larve and Treechnid dungeons? Discover the changes that will be implemented with the next content update on November 27th.

Today we unveil the list of new features and content that will be implemented on November 27th.

Further changes and bug fixing will be added and published in the next few days.

Have a nice read!


You thought Calamar Islandhad no secrets for you anymore? You were highly mistaken!With this update, this conquerable island will be completely revampled:
  • New Exclusive Look – from the ground to the clouds.
  • New Monster Family – “Exotic Creatures” will give a completely new feel to the area.
  • New Humanoid Family – the “Mouss” (not yet translated).
  • 1 New Dungeon (level 60-75) – “La Perlouze Noire” (not yet translated), where you will have to face the terrible ghost of Captain Perlouze (not yet translated) and try to steal his mythic set!
  • 1 new main quest “Le trésor de la crique qui croque” (not yet translated) which will make you dig, and dig some more.
  • 1 new pet, the “Péroucan” (not yet translated) (+15PP, +20 Ini, +25% dmg, +5 CF).
  • 4 New Environmental Quests.
  • 5 New Achievements.
  • The Nation controlling the island will receive a bonus of +10 Prospecting for 1 Clan Member wish fulfilled, an additional +13 Dodge for 2 wishes fulfilled, and +13 Dodge again (+26 Dodge total) for 3 wishes.
  • A Dozen New Items, including new Haven-Bag Decorations!


For the most conservative of you, Calamar Island will still be accessible by the same means (via boat) and the average level of the area will not change(levels 55-70).See you next week boys!


The treasure hunt feature will first be implemented on Calamar Island, and then in the rest of the world with future updates.You will have to craft your own shovel (Handyman recipe level 0 at the machine of Calamar Island, or by participating to the Gravedigger Game at the Trool Fair) in order to dig the sands of Captain Calamari and maybe find a hidden treasure!

The shovel is used the same way as resource planting: just double-click on the tool and then on the ground to dig. The floor cells will turn green as you pass over them if digging is available. Note that your shovel will be destroyed after this action.

May Ecaflip watch over you!


Astrub: Shin Larva Dungeon (level 15)

This Dungeon can be found in the Astrub Sewers and will make you fight Shin Larva and its slimy offspring. Complete this journey to the darkest and dingiest corners of Astrub and you may come back with one of the 4 Larvesque sets (Wet, Windy, Silty, or Roasted). Even better: you could come back with the Shin Larva set (level 20) or its Imperial version (level 40)!

Amakna: Treechnid Dungeon (level 60)

You’ll find the entrance to this dungeon in Emelka. Treechnids will be waiting for you with their friends, Arachnees! Pieces of the Ancestral (level 65) and Imperial (level 85) Treechnid Sets will be waiting for you too! Sorry we couldn’t make this one easy. If you want the full set you’ll have to visit Bonta’s Treechnid Dungeon as well…

Bonta: Treechnid Dungeon (level 60)

What would be more appropriate than Yurbut to receive Treechnids? This dungeon will be the same as the one in Amakna except for the set pieces that can be acquired here. Collectors will be able to get the complete set of the Ancestral and Imperial sets by gathering the pieces in both dungeons!




Save your tokens! The values of equipment pieces offered by the Machines will be reduced in order to make them more accessible. Here are the costs that will be applied:

Family sets:

  • Common equipment = 2 tokens
  • Normal equipment = 3 tokens
  • Rare equipment = 5 tokens
  • Mythic equipment = 12 tokens

Royal sets:

  • Normal equipment = 4 tokens
  • Rare equipment = 9 tokens
  • Mythic equipment = 22 tokens


Some families already were lucky enough to wear their feelings on their sleeves during combat… But most of them just didn’t benefit from this addition. With this update, you will now see the reactions of your opponents when using your best attacks


A new Gazette will celebrate the arrival of all this new content, particularly the arrival of Calamar Island!