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Krosmaster Arena: Meet the Krosmasters - Part 2

21 Nov 2012

Greetings, adventurers of the Krosmoz! We are back to introduce you to more of the famous Krosmasters that you may encounter in the upcoming Krosmaster system, which will be available soon to the World of Twelve!

Krosmaster Arena is the first expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU that will allow you to face not only people from other servers but even players from other games, without logging off from your favorite game!

To continue the series of previous Dev Blogs on this exciting new upcoming feature, we would like introduce you to more of the possibly already familiar beings that you may encounter during your journey into Krosmaster Arena.


If you could listen through the doors of Krosmaster Arena, you would probably hear all sorts of roars…

Osamodas use their whips and summons again and again! So prepare yourself.

Osamodas are ready to bare fangs! They don’t follow like a Gobball and are not afraid to take a Moowolf by the horns!


To celebrate their debut, the Rogues have decided to arrive with a bang… Result: a pile of charred adventurers who regret even being invited!

These brigands will let their black powder do the talking! Discover these masters of diversion in Krosmaster Arena!




Be careful! It is said that Ecaflips like to play with the life of their opponent like a cat plays with a wool ball.

Bad luck for their opponents, these luck warriors will also join the party in Krosmaster Arena. Let luck decide who will bite the dust… Or not!

Let us give you some advice that should save you a lot of pain and embarrassment: if you scratch an Ecaflip behind the ear, he’ll curl up in a ball and purr…

Continue to meet new Krosmaster Characters up until the release!


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