A Beast for the Feast Contest!

The air is getting colder and the leaves have changed colors. This can only mean that Thanksgiving is here! Of course, what would Thanksgiving be without a feast? The Community Team is doing their best to coordinate with the culinary guild to create the tastiest foods Vana’diel has to offer. However, their hands are tied because they’re busy with the preparations and have yet to secure the main meat dish! Adventurers from all over Vana’diel must slay the tastiest beast and bring it to the feast!

Three lucky winners will receive a contest-exclusive rare dish of Rolanberry Delightaru to decorate their Mog Houses with. Also, all participants will receive an Athena Orb!

So put on your Hunter’s Beret and bring home the Behemoth!
Sneak over to the forum for all the contest details.