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Wakfu Dev Blog: Krosmaster Arena - Meet the Krosmasters

16 Nov 2012

Greeting, adventurers of the Krosmoz! It is time for us to introduce you to some of the famous Krosmasters that you may encounter in the upcoming Krosmaster system, which will soon be made availableto the World of Twelve!

Krosmaster Arena is the first expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU that will allow you to face not only people from other servers but even players from other games, without logging off from your favorite game!

Continuing the series of previous Dev Blogs on this exciting new upcoming feature, we would like to take a deeper look and introduce you to some possibly already familiar beings that you may encounter during your journey into Krosmaster Arena.


It’s always tough to face a Cra: when he releases his grip, you know you’re in trouble! These are the true archers of Krosmaster Arena! You can be sure Cras got it right! Just the idea of seeing their arrows pierce the bottom of an opponent from other millennia makes them bend their bow like never before.






Iops are bulldozing their way into the Arena! And leading the charge are Percedal and Goultard the Barbarian. They’re here to take away shigekax and kick butt… It just so happens that there’s been a major shigekax shortage.

Many adventurers think that Iops always strike before asking questions, but boy are they wrong! They don’t ask questions. Making them the epitome of a brutal berserker in Krosmaster Arena!



Many adventurers are in need of triage in the Arena, they’re calling for their mommies left and right! Someone to heal their wounds, get them back on their feet, and send them into battle again!

Eniripsas have taken great pains to develop their talents in order to serve in the Krosmaster Arena! For your health and safety, it’s recommended that you take one of these healers with you…



Beware! Srams never run out of tricks and will always find new ways to rob defenseless souls! Which of these thieves will handle the dirty work of your team in Krosmaster Arena?

If you can’t trust Srams, don’t worry, they asked for it! Want some proof? The mindset of a Sram in Krosmaster Arena is be in a team, earn kamas, and run with ALL the loot. They kill many, only thinking about the monetary cost. And well… it just might be the best way to troll your opponent in WAKFU!


Continue to meet new Krosmaster Characters up until the release!


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