Japanese Players Fill The FFXIV Gap With The New Animal Crossing

For those who found themselves logging in regularly to FINAL FANTASY XIV, there is a void. The servers are offline and while they will come back up, no data will be saved, making it an elaborate chat room of sorts. There is currently no release date for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and so fans have no idea how long they’ll have to wait to once again set foot in Eorzea.

I’ve posed this very question up on our forums- What are you going to do during FFXIV downtime?

It would seem that some Japanese players have already found the answer. Using the recently released Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS, they’ve been able to re-create some of their favorite armor for their character to walk around town in. These are the few that we’ve seen pop up on twitter so far!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf won’t arrive in North America until next year, but with the release date of FFXIV 2.0 yet to be revealed, we may have time to make some costumes of our own!

One thought on “Japanese Players Fill The FFXIV Gap With The New Animal Crossing

  1. Those are fantastic outfits! I can’t wait for the new Animal Crossing. I even mentioned that game when writing about how I hope housing works in 2.0. ^^

    My kid has been making FFXIV skins for Minecraft characters to help ease our feeling of loss.

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