COD Black Ops II On PC Has A Different 2 On Disc Two

Youtuber zeroiez has posted a video up on his channel showing an issue he had when inserting his second Call of Duty Black Ops 2 disc while installing it onto his computer.

After being prompted during the installation, he put in the second disc and was greeted with a screen asking him what he’d like Windows to do with the Mass Effect 2 disc he had just put in.

If true, this would be a problem resulting from the company producing the discs and not Activision or Treyarch. So far it is unknown whether this incident is only affecting PC copies of the game.

UPDATE: Bioware has made an announcement calling this mistake an “omen” and will be giving out free PC copies of the Mass Effect Trilogy to the first fifty people that send in a picture of them holding the misprinted disc.