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Quantum Conundrum Free On PlayStation Plus This Week

12 Nov 2012

Quantum Conundrum

This week, Quantum Conundrum will be free to PlayStation Plus users as another addition to the instant game library.

Released back in June, Quantum Conundrum has you work your way through Professor Quadwrangle’s mansion on a mission to save him from another dimension. Along the way you’ll collect upgrades for your Inter-Dimensional Shift Device (IDS) that will allow you to enter other dimensions in order to solve puzzles. These dimensions include the Fluffy Dimension which causes things to become light, allowing you to pick up even the heaviest of objects and the Heavy Dimension weighs everything down, which is handy if you need to trigger a pressure plate as well as a slow motion and reverse gravity dimensions.

If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member or don’t have a PlayStation 3, you can pick up the title on XBLA or on Steam.