New Square Enix Character Pack Announced For Sleeping Dogs

Announced today, the Square Enix Character Pack for Sleeping Dogs will allow Wei Shen to dress up and equip himself like Adam Jensen, Agent 47 and Rico Rodriguez.

Agent 47’s suit will reduce attention from the police and includes a silenced weapon. The Sarif Industries armor reduces gunfire damage by 33% and comes with a fully automatic futuristic combat rifle. The Rico Rodriguez costume, which was previously available for those that had a Just Cause 2 save file on their system before playing Sleeping Dogs, will allow you to hijack vehicles from a greater distance and will also come with Rico’s signature pistol which can fire explosive shells.

The Square Enix Character Pack will be available on November 14th for XBL, Steam and Europe’s PSN store and on November 20th for PSN in North America. The pack is priced at $1.99/160MSP.