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Content Update 1.7: Hotfix Deployed

29 Oct 2012

We deployed a hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 1.7. Here is a list of the changes that were made.

Important Information

For an up-to-the-minute status of the game server through the patch deployment process, please visit the Server Status sub-forum.

For full, updated patch notes please see the “Content Update 1.7: Arenas, Mythics, Hordes! Oh My!” announcement.




  • Revitalizing Word: Will now work in PvP as intended.


  • Voodoll: It is no longer possible to place multiple totems on a same target.
  • Voodoll: From now on, only characters (and monsters) can be the target of a totem.


  • Execution & Torment: The description of the effect has been made clearer.


  • General: All quests should now complete correctly.
  • Almanax quest will now longer prompt upon connection of your character. They will now only be displayed in the quest tracker interface. You will still be able to find them in the Almanax interface.
  • Al Howin: The step “complete the dungeon in a group of 6 players” will now validate correctly.


  • It will be possible again to step on a cell that was previously used by a decoration.


  • Insignias: The application of the guild colors has been adapted on some parts of the insignias.


  • Rump Stake: this recipe will no longer require a Pricky Point but 30 Fins.
  • Primitive Club: this recipe will no longer require a Pricky Point but 7 Fossils.
  • Ikiakits recipes have been made easier:
    • Small Ikiakit: No longer requires a Straw Basket,
    • Adventurer Ikiakit: Now requires 1 Straw Basket instead of 3,
    • Kit Ikiakit: Now requires 1 Cottonsock instead of 2 Rillidges,
    • Collector Ikiakit: Now requires 1 Rillidge instead of 3,
    • Emerald Ikiakit: Now requires 1 Urnin instead of 5 Rillidges,
    • Golden Ikiakit: Now requires 1 Urnin instead of 5 Rillidges.


  • Cloudy Cotton: Will now be droppable in game.
  • TsarTsar Horn: Its drop rate has been increased.
  • Gariden’s Sword & Anshin: Their descriptions have been corrected.
  • Recall Potion: Will be tradable.