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Mobile Arenas: Season One Ending Soon

28 Oct 2012

Think you’re the best Arena Fighter the World of Twelve has to offer? You have until October 30th to prove the world right (or steal the lead!) and win a unique in-game title! The first season of the Mobile Arenas is about to conclude.


As you’re most probably aware of, Season One of the Mobile Areas has been announced to be coming to a close. This will happen on October 30th, upon the deployment of the newest Content Update.

Season Two will bring with it new challenges, a reset of the ranking board, and implementation of an associated website widget for easy tracking and competition.

In addition, as a bonus to the current competitors, a unique in-game character title will be awarded to those with the highest arena scores! The final marks will be tallied upon server shut-down for the patch, so you have until the 30th to steal the lead!

Game on!

Titles will be awarded once to all players appearing upon the podium (gold, silver and bronze) of the arenas on Tuesday, October 30th, when the servers close. Rewards will be sent through the Gift Interface the week after the update is deployed.