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Tofukaze: Last Promotion Days

27 Oct 2012

Only a few days left to receive the offer: the double Tofukaze week! Twice as many tofus, twice as many rewards!


That’s got to be the longest week of history! From October 19th to October 29th, you get twice more tofus in Tofukaze. And twice as many rewards to win!

To those arriving from the deep edges of the Krosmoz, here’s how it works:

  • If your friend subscribes for a month, or purchases 6,000 Ogrines, you receive 6 12 tofus!

(Note that only the first subscription or Ogrine purchase of each of your friends will count.)

It’s now your turn to throw these tofus at the walls, and discover what hides behind the square you targeted. In all cases, you win!