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Boutique: Don't Let Your Clawbot "Claw" Away

26 Oct 2012

Your time to get a Clawbot is running short! Only 3 days left to get your “claws” on this special limited-time only pet, available with any Premium subscription through October 29th!

There’s still a few days left to receive this special in-game bonus reward!

Let’s remind us some of the important information regarding your future best friend, the Clawbot:

  • A max level, a well oiled and maintained Clawbot will earn you a combat bonus of +15% Damage and +15% Resistance to all elements (thank’s to its Stasis chambers for offense, and metalic shell for defense).


  • Simply feed it Kibibble, Edible Stasili, or Copper Ore and it’ll be enough fuel for this little piece of hardware through the ages (as long as you keep fighting and conquering, of course).


New Members

Not a Premium Member? Purchase a subscription of any duration between October 15th – October 29th and instantly receive this special pet through the in-game Gift Interface.

Be swift, this offer will only be available for another 3 days!

Existing Subscribers

Already a Premium Member? Don’t worry – you’ve got it made! If subscription was active by October 15th and you automatically receive the Clawbot through the in-game Gift Interface! It’s that simple!


We appreciate your dedication and loyalty to WAKFU and the World of Twelve — thank you.