Event: The Curse of Al Howin

25 Oct 2012

While all prepare for the celebration of Al Howin as expected, dark powers work in the shadows and threaten the safety of the World of Twelve. In taverns, a word jumps from lips to lips without ever being said out loud: curse. And anxiety grows while a feared date approaches: October 31st…

Field Report

So far, encounters with the Corrupt Gobballs have confirmed that through… aggressive negotiationspumpkin pieces can be obtained. But while the curse may not be strong enough to affect us disciples, it does affect the local wildlife nonetheless – most notably the noteworthy kind. And without any sort of sorting, the source of this curse may spread beyond the noted.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time to fight fire with fire and put
an age-old problem to rest with an age-old solution

It’s going to be a “Howin of a time.”

Event Details

Al Howin wouldn’t be Al Howin without ancient curses, and this year is going to be a big one!
From October 25th through November 5th, a new foe will rise to threaten the very fabric of the Krosmoz! Stop the Gobball corruption and seek out the Witch hidden deep in her dungeon!

Exclusive Content

A unique quest sets you on the trail of a witch, where you’ll encounter:

  • An exclusive dungeon
  • A legion of Cursed Gobballs
  • Villagers with an unusual appearance, the “Pumpkwinner”


Fantastic Rewards

No epic journey is complete without bounty and loot to show off your hard work:

  • Stacks of Almokens
  • 3 original achievements
  • 2 new Insignias
  • 6 holiday themed items
  • 2 exclusive character titles
  • 2 Haven-Bag decorations


Premium Items

The WAKFU Boutique will also receive a shipment of new items as the curse becomes stronger:

  • Ghoul Costume (insignia and piecemeal)
  • Pumpkwin Orange (pet color dye)
  • Stuffed Borbat (decoration)
  • Stuffed Cursed Gobball (decoration)
  • Borbat Tree (decoration)
  • Vampyric Gate (decoration)
  • Skeleton (decoration)


Plus, don’t forget the Almanax quest of October 31st, which belongs to Asid, may very well have you dig your own grave… and you may want to keep an eye or two on our Facebook Page
As you can see, this year, it’s time to get down to business! You have curse to fight, a witch to eradicate, and a lot of Pumpkins to turn into soup! But don’t worry: once the threat is dealt with, you’ll have time to celebrate with a lot of costumes and sweets!
Get ready to be-witched!