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Content Update 1.7: Arenas, Mythics, Hordes! Oh my!

25 Oct 2012

Discover the first part of changes that will be implemented with the next Content Update 1.7, coming October 30th.

Today we unveil the list of new features and content that will be implemented on October 30th.

The second part, listing further changes and bug fixes will be published in the upcoming days.

Important Information

For an up-to-date status of the game server and deployment process, please visit the Server Status.

Due to many changes brought with this update, it was decided to provide a new complete spell and abilities reset. A reset of spells and attributes will be offered to all characters, with the quest “Restate of Emergency”.


New Tutorial

WAKFU is a tactical game with a very different combat gameplay from other “classical” online games. That’s why it’s important to welcome new players who are unfamiliar with the turn-based gameplay of WAKFU with a clear and fun tutorial, summarizing the basic rules as clearly as possible.

In this intent this update will offer you a brand new tutorial that will put emphasis on basic notions such as AP, MP, or spell casting.

From now on, right upon incarnation, Master Kano will offer you to follow, or not, the tutorial introducing you to the combat basics in WAKFU.

If you accept to follow the tutorial, Master Kano will teach you all he knows about combat. At the end of this tutorial in 10 steps, the Dark Wabbit set will be offered to your character as a reward.

But in case WAKFU holds no more secrets for you and you just wish to jump to Astrub, you will be able to decline his offer. Master Kano will then send you directly to Souls’ Crossing where you can directly get back to your usual business.

Please note the following changes in this part:

  • The Gemlin will no longer be awarded after your fight with the Bow Meow. To receive it, you will now have to save it in an Epic fight against Wabbits around Sokay.
  • The Crazy Lumberjane will also be in this area and was significantly improved to give a first idea of group combat.

As you can see, our intention with this new tutorial is to better prepare newcomers, without making it a bother to the most hardened players.

Crafting Revamp

One of the main features of this update is the revamp of craft professions linked to equipment making!

Armorers, Jewelers, Leather Dealer, Tailor, Close-Combat/Area of Effect/Range Weapons Masters are the crafters that will directly benefit from this revamp.

Modifications of the existing recipes, modification of the experience received, new recipes for the Weapons Masters, legendary recipes, but also a global rebalancing of the equipment that can be crafted, and removal of some components… Here’s what you should expect, and more!

If you want to prepare yourself the best way possible, you can already find a lot of information in this dedicated Dev Blog: Crafting Professions Revamp.

Modification of the Ecosystem Areas

We decided to improve the ecosystem areas of the game. This was already started in the last update with the modification of the monsters families of the Villages of the 4 Nations. With this new update, we will finish what we started.

And as you’re about to see, we’re not talking about small limited improvements!

Modification of the creatures families (Last and final)!

The groups of creatures in all Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia will be modified.

You will find the same families as before but the groups will be built differently to improve your game experience.

And don’t forget the outposts (Amaknastrub, Bontastrub, Brakmastrub and Sufokiastrub) for which the creatures will be improved in terms of level, difficulty and experience!

In these areas, you will find low level versions of the creatures you’ll find in the Nations.

Furthermore, all players (subscribers or not) will be able to have a real influence on the ecosystem of these areas. It will now be possible to harvest seeds, plants them and get more in the Astrub Machines.

Quests with Kama rewards

You will discover a new type of quests that will provide Kamas as rewards.

How will it work? Each Nation’s Jonk (l.e. Clan Member of the Villages) will have a new quest available offering Kamas, and a new treasury (they didn’t have one before).

The Nation’s government will be able to share a part of its savings with this new treasury, and the Challenger will also be able to purchase these quests!

When one of these quests triggers in the area, the Kamas earned by the players are taken from this fund.

This will be a new way for players to earn Kamas without having to make them, but also make the economical aspect of the game more accessible to new players!


From now on, when the wishes of a Clan Member linked to the ecosystem are respected, a new quest will start. If the players manage to complete it, hordes of monsters will appear.

A horde is a group of monsters of the same family led by a higher level dominant one.

Their particularity is not only that they appear under specific conditions, but also in the items that can be received when defeating the leader of the horde, since it can drop Mythic equipment!

New Mythic Equipment

With the new monsters herds, we decided to add about thirty new mythic equipment from level 20 to 105 on the dominant creatures!

Here’s an example with the shield, Égide de Khiel (not yet translated) that can be acquired on Whisperers herds leaders: level 105, it offers +150 HP, +20 lock and +20% resist!

We also added new mythic sets in game that can be looted on dungeons bosses! Note also that these sets will be of a higher level than the level of the dungeon in which they can be looted, in order to motivate those who already completed them!

All in all, when summing up all the new features and content, this update will include more than 150 new items!  

Rebalancing of the sets

A global improvement is being implemented on all the ingame sets.

With this update, here are the sets that will be modified:

  • Kapow Set
  • Blibli Set
  • Snapper Set
  • Scara Set
  • Mushdskito Set
  • Chafer Set
  • Toad Set
  • Kokoko Set
  • Carnivore Set
  • Royal Blibli Set
  • Golden Scara Set
  • Black Zordfish Set
  • Royal Chafer Set
  • Royal Kokoko Set
  • Tsar Set (changes from 3 to 5 pieces)

Most of the craft sets have also been rebalanced:

  • Little Scaraleaf Set
  • Bow Meow Set
  • Justice Set
  • Ugly Set
  • Kynder Set
  • Zora Set
  • Pandawan Set
  • Sumi Set
  • Youra Peein’ Set

Challenges become Environmental Quests

With this update, challenges will be significantly modified since they will become environmental quests.

The idea is to get rid of some issues linked to challenges and make them more accessible!

Bid farewell to constraining conditions! Now, these environmental quests will trigger as soon as you enter the area. You will no longer have to register to participate: if the quest is already underway when you enter the area, you will still be able to help! Also, the beginning of these quests will no longer require a minimum amount of participants.

Rewards will still be Bronze Tokens, and character experience! The Challenger will be able to invest in cooperative quests, very interesting in terms of rewards and experience.

Finally, note that these new environmental quests will also be implemented in Astrub, to make sure that all members of our community can benefit from this feature.

Free Drago-Express!

Drago-Express are becoming more accessible and free! And to make it even better, we will increase the amount of Drago-Express available in each nation from 5 to 20!

Our goal? Ease your travels in the World of Twelve and also make it more accessible to everyone. New explorers or experienced ones, nobody will have to spend a kama to travel!

Mobile Arenas: Season 2

New challenges, reset of the rankings and its implementation on our website, these are the things we will implement for the season 2 of the mobile arenas!

A title will also be awarded to players with the highest rankings in the arenas.

Foggernauts for all!

Don’t forget that since October 16th all WAKFU players are now able to create a Foggernaut, subscribers or not! This update is a good occasion to start your own and try this new class if you didn’t already check it out!

New guild insignias!

Let’s not leave guilds aside!

4 new guild insignias will be implemented in this update!

When your guild reaches a higher level, you no longer unlock new pieces of the insignias but new insignias directly, all better looking than the other!