Nanaa Mihgo’s Website Now Live

Nanaa Mihgo's Website Now Live

The Nanaa Mihgo’s, a group headed by FINAL FANTASY XI composer Naoshi Mizuta debuted at this years VanaFest 2012 event. Since then, they have also made a performance during the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary event in Japan. But it looks like there is plenty more to come from the group, which also consists of Violinist Machi Okabe and Pianist Takuro Iga.

It was announced today on the Japanese Topics page, that the group will play a special concert known as Voyager 2012-11-11. The concert will also feature FINAL FANTASY XI composer and pianist Kumi Tanioka.

A website for the Nanaa Mihgo’s has recently launched and includes a section for discography which only has “coming soon” on the page. Could it be that we’ll be seeing an album release in the future?