More Details For The FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Concerts

13 Oct 2012

More Details For The FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Concert

Some fresh new details have just been released regarding the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary concerts going on in both London and Chicago!

Guest vocalists Crystal Kay will be in attendance to perform Eyes on Me from FINAL FANTASY VIII and Susan Calloway will perform Answers from FINAL FANTASY XIV. In addition to those two previous tracks, there will also be new premieres for the Distant Worlds concert series including

  • Battle With Four Fiends (FINAL FANTASY IV)
  • Main Theme (FINAL FANTASY V)
  • Vana’diel March (FINAL FANTASY XI)
  • The Dalmasca Estersand (FINAL FANTASY XII)

In addition the concert will feature the new version of Opera “Maria & Draco” from FINAL FANTASY VI, One Winged Angel from FINAL FANTASY VII and Zanarkand from FINAL FANTASY X in addition to new surprise medleys!

These special concerts will display brand new HD video presentations including a special video on the history of FINAL FANTASY that will premiere at these concerts. There will also be special displays in the lobby as well as an expanded selection of FINAL FANTASY merchandise to purchase.