Boutique: Bonus Subscription Pet

A new pet has been tamed – err, assembled! With metallic claws and a Stasis-housed chamber, the Clawbot brings new light to WAKFU beginning October 15th! And while it may resemble the Foggernauts, being mechanized isn’t a prerequisite to call this little guy friend.

A limited-time gift from the Foggernaut people (perhaps in atonement for their “accidental” invasion) to
all active Premium subscribers of the World of Twelve.


New Members

Not a Premium Member? Purchase a subscription of any duration between October 15th – October 29th and instantly receive this special pet through the in-game Gift Interface.

Be swift, this offer will only be available for 2 weeks!

Existing Subscribers

Already a Premium Member? Don’t worry – you’ve got it made! Simply ensure that your subscription is active by October 15th and you’ll automatically receive the Clawbot through the in-game Gift Interface! It’s that simple!


We appreciate your dedication and loyalty to WAKFU and the World of Twelve — thank you.