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New FFXIV Images Show Off PlayStation 3 User Interface

11 Oct 2012

We have a batch of brand new concept art and screenshots that show off some of the new Chocobo armor as well as our very first look at the PlayStation 3 user interface known as the Cross Hot Bar.

The new interface shows off an action bar with 16 total slots. The eight on the left are accessed by pressing the L2 button, and the eight on the right are accessed by pressing R2. The 8 slots are then mapped to the controllers directional pad along with the Circle, X, Triangle, and Square buttons. Up to eight action bars can be set up and can then be cycled through by pressing both L2 and R2.

Also, as you might see in the new concept art, there’s a character that looks familiar. Can’t quite put your finger on it? It’s Amon! An optional boss from FINAL FANTASY III. Other concept art includes a new level 40 dungeon, summons, and new Chocobo armor that focuses on skills such as attacking, healing, or magic.