Dev Blog: Crafting Professions Revamp

Significant changes are coming to WAKFU’s professions! In order improve the overall progression experience and economy, many facets of crafting will be amended and improved — see within for our complete plan!

Aiming to improve the overall value of craftable equipment while also addressing rarity and their attributes, we will be revamping the entire crafting system with the intention of allowing crafting to be an interesting and rewarding venture to all who answer the merchant’s call.

Accordingly, the following professions will be directly affected by these changes:

  • Armorer
  • Jeweler
  • Leather Dealer
  • Tailor
  • Close Combat Weapons Master
  • Area of Effect Weapons Master
  • Long Distance Weapons Master


Due to the changes, crafting will be based around craftable components: components constructed by a linked harvesting profession. For example, all Jeweler craftable components will be collected by Miners while reversely these components cannot be used for any other profession. These components will be used in almost all recipes.

These components will be present every 20 levels and will apply for new recipes. In order to achieve this, we will be adding components to each crafting profession while also removing a number of item types that do not correspond to any harvesting profession (details later in the article).

Furthermore, while crafts will be asking for these new components, the recipes themselves will also require additional resources or material drops. While this will contribute to more effort by the user, it will be rewarded with significantly higher EXP. Similarly, many of the equipment pieces will see a substantial rise in attributes they give the player.


Per community feedback, the EXP system has been entirely redesigned in order to consider the difficulty a particular recipe presents; simply put, the more complex an item is to craft, your EXP return will be amplified.

As an example:

  • A Jeweler recipe asking for 1 component, requiring 10 pieces of ore = 100 XP
  • A Jeweler recipe asking for 10 components, 20 material drops, and 40 pieces of ore = 1000 XP

Accordingly, a recipe requiring a large number of components may give up upwards of 5,000 or 6,000 EXP in one go!

Instead of making the same item over and over and over again, you’ll now only need to craft about 30 components with which you will be able to create 2 or 3 pieces of equipment – this will give you an equivalent amount of XP to approximately 50 items before! The purpose: greater personal returns and less saturation of the economy (the continued output of items where there’s little to no demand for them).


Weapon Masters professions, such as Close Combat, Long Distance and Area of Effect, lacked high-level crafts. As a result, we’ve filled the gap and will be introducing new weapon recipes including Legendary Weapons for each weapon type.

A total of 30 new weapon recipes have been created and spread across the 3 professions.


To provide greater benefits to crafting, professions involved in this revamp will now be possible to create special level 100 “Legendary” equipment pieces.

The use of these recipes will be unique. Upon reaching level 100 in a crafting profession, you will unlock an achievement that will earn you a unique recipe component (example: Master Armorer’s Seal). This seal will be untradeable and only one may be crafted per mastered profession. If in the event you’ve already attained level 100 by the implementation of this system, the associated quest will be automatically triggered upon login. When you accept it, all you’ll have to do is go and talk to a specific Clan Member to pick up the seal of your choice.

Several legendary recipes will be available for each profession and all will require this seal as a component. Therefore, you must make a choice as to which item you will dedicate yourself. As such, an armorer will have the choice of forging a level 100 legendary chestpiece, epaulette or shield each with their own unique bonus. A hard choice to make!

Alas, no class will be forgotten! Bonuses given by these objects will be varied and will appeal to certain classes. The legendary epaulettes might say interest support classes while the breastplate would cater towards summoners and the shield tanks.

In conclusion,  there will be a special armor or weapon desired by everyone! Of course, the one caveat would be no great power comes without effort…


We will now conclude with a special service announcement.

Due to this overhaul, the majority of recipes involved with these professions have been altered in some way, shape, or form. As we have touched upon earlier, not only have the list of available items changed but the requirements to craft these items, causing a new (and hopefully better) balance of their value.

For example, we shall dissect the progress of the “Crucify Epaulettes,” a level 35 Armorer recipe:

  • Today: 1 padding, 4 Moskito Wings, 1 Tsutsu Horn, 2 Moskito Paws = 100 XP. Common equipment = +12 HP, +10 Dodge, +7% Air Damage,+6% Air Resists.
  • Soon: 10 Rickety Supports (1 Rickety Support = 3 Hazel Planks), 20 Moskito Wings, 7 Tsutsu Horns , 13 Moskito Paws = 1000 XP. Rare equipment = +23 HP, 10 Ini, +10 Dodge, +2 CH, +7% Air Damage, +7% Fire Damage.

Just to say it one more time (since it’s so important): the majority of craftable equipment has been rebalanced to make these professions more lucrative. The only exceptions to this otherwise-global modification are craftable equipment items that can also be dropped and high-level items that have already been balanced to fit in with this new system.

Furthermore, and more importantly, here is a list of components that could not be reworked into the system and therefore will no longer exist after the next content update. We advise you to use them in your recipes now, because once this update is implemented, they will no longer have any use.


  • Padding
  • Skein of Wool
  • Twiglet
  • Wadding


  • Raternal Link

Leather Dealer

  • Supple Sole
  • Solid Loop
  • Metal Support
  • Lace


  • Bestial Thread

Close Combat Weapons Master

  • Horned Guard
  • Sticky Strap

Area of Effect Weapons Master

  • Pricky Point
  • Exchange Weight
  • Tacky Strap

Long Distance Weapons Master

  • Elastic Cord
  • Bombard


We hope you like our retake on crafting, and we look forward to your comments below!