Boutique: Storage Space Now Available

Shelves and vitrines are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with… more shelves and vitrines! Additional storage is now available directly from the store!

Today’s theme is about storage space as the Boutique offers you interactive items for your Haven Bag.



Got an armor set you’d like to show off even when its not being worn? We have the perfect solution for you: dummies! No, not the Village Fool down the street, but true mannequins that you can dress in your most fabulous duds! These guys will equip a whole merged set.


Now available in the male and female variety.

Basic Bookshelf

Addicted to literature but not allowed to store your private collection at the local library? This piece of furniture is for you! Able to hold up to 10 books (with its appearance brimming fuller along the way), a bookshelf may just allow you to become the Page Master you’ve always wanted to be — no assembly required.