Boutique: Name Change Service

No longer fond of the name of one of your characters? Now, it’s not a problem! Character name changes are now available in the WAKFU Boutique.

Good news for those of you who’ve desired to give your character a new persona: a name change service is now available for purchase.

Available in the Boutique for 2,800 Ogrines, this service can be used every three months.

To use this exclusive service, simply visit new “Services” category within the web Boutique, purchase the service with your Ogrines and select the character you wish to rename.

As soon as the operation is complete, you can log into the game, connect the chosen character, and upon doing so, you’ll be presented with a message prompting you to enter a new name for your character. Now assume your new identity!

Please keep in mind that the change request is permanent and cannot be reversed without utilizing the service again in another three months, so choose wisely!