WAKFU Mag: Volume #1 Now Available

Despite WAKFU Mag #2 having been on sale with the Early Access of the Foggernaut playable class, it’s time to reach into the past and launch WAKFU Mag #1 for us Americans! Come learn secrets of the World of Twelve and dress in the garb of those lost in Chaos

In the first volume, the WAKFU Mag provides a thorough overview of the land of Incarnam and its secrets – quite the resource for aspiring new adventurers looking for an edge or veterans looking to simply brush up!
Next up you’ll also be able to understand greater details of the combat system, Challenges, professions, the ecosystems, politics, laws and achievements! Oh… and there’s a bit about our handy-dandy Haven Bags. And for you comic folks, the first adventures of “Remington” will also be included (making Part #2 from earlier make more sense, we hope).
But in the words of Milly Bays the Great Salesman, “Wait, there’s more!” With the purchase of this edition, you’ll also receive a free bonus gift of the rare “Chaos Set” – a sense of fashion instilled by survivors of the Great Deluge which had wrecked havoc upon the World.

WAKFU Mag | Volume 1: The Beginning

Purchase now for only 2,000 Ogrines!