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Content Update 1.6: Snap, Crackler, Whisperer

1 Oct 2012

Quickly on the heels of last month’s new Foggernaut class and Almanax Daily Quest System, Content Update 1.6 has arrived and brings with it a plethora of new content: the Whispering Island, 50+ new items, 4 exclusive dungeons, new creatures, and much more!

See the teaser announcement for a detailed look at a number of key features
within Content Update 1.6: “Snap, Crackler, Whisperer.”



  • Storm Arrow: It will not undergo any further decrease of area damage but will be limited to 2 uses per turn.
  • Explosive Arrow: Inflicts -68 HP (Lv. 100) and 36% chance of exploding (instead of -72 and 48%).


  • Kittikaze: Inflicts the correct damage.
  • Double or Quits: Correctly activates on the spell Batlle in the event of being under the “God Ecaflip” card effect.
  • Double or Quits: Correctly works after a critical hit with “Loaded Dice.”
  • Double or Quits: No longer allows use if no damage was made during the turn.


  • Mine: If a mine is stepped on by an Enutrof while in the area of effect of a “FeatherTornado,” the Enutrof will be pushed back and will loose his mine bonuses in addition to any other associated effect.
  • Refinement: Damage linked to destroyed items will be applied as expected.


  • Crashing Wave: Works as intended.  
  • Intimidation Aura: Cannot be stacked on an enemy.


  • Phoenix Spirit: If the Osamodas is defeated in combat while under Phoenix Spirit, the summon will no longer play its death animation twice. For better visual consistency, it will die with its owner without the benefit of Phoenix Spirit.


  • Karchamrak: No longer attempts to pick-up invalid objects (such as Scara Eggs) in order to prevent the unnecessary loss of AP; only a barrel or another character may be lifted.  
  • Aggressive Barrel & Milky Instinct: The barrel will correctly reflect the inflicted damage.


  • Karchamrak & Regeneration: An Eniripsa carried while under the effects of “Regeneration” will now transfer their status effect to the Pandawa beneath for better management.


  • Blinding Bomb: Chances of applying “Blindess” has been adjusted to 5% (Lv. 0) – 15% (Lv. 100), and 10% – 30% for Critical (formerly 5% – 30%, and 10% – 70% for Criticals).


  • Specialty Spells: Sound has been improved.
  • Stasified: No longer disappears once WP has been transferred away from an enemy.
  • Motherfogger: Use of this spell no longer prevents other combatants from gaining experience.


  • It is no longer possible to be attacked while viewing the Almanax. Furthermore, the Interface itelf will not prevent the user from utilizing their spells.


  • Increased the experience gain of the Mobile Arenas for an improved reward. Here are the enhanced results based on character levels:
    • Lv. 0-20: +150% EXP
    • Lv. 21-30: +142% EXP
    • Lv. 31-40: +130% EXP
    • Lv. 41-50: +120% EXP
    • Lv. 51-60: +109% EXP
    • Lv. 61-70: +93% EXP
    • Lv. 71-80: +78% EXP
    • Lv. 81-90: +61% EXP
    • Lv. 91-105: +14% EXP


  • The Undieworld: The Nun will only summon three times, instead of four.


  • Creatures will parry as intended; previously, this was not the case.
  • Damage inflicted from the side or from the back by Borbats and Ghouls will now receive intended bonuses.
  • The Hoodlums will now correctly play their animation when hit.


  • All Ultimate Bosses have mastered the art of dodging reflected damage.


  • Super Kano Smash Boulz: Validates correctly.
  • Zinit to Win It: Appears in the Quest journal and validate itself.


  • All new Almanax quests issue an additional 10,000 EXP reward. Beware that this modification cannot be undone, so choose wisely!
  • Temple Teleporters will be available in stacks of 10 for the cost of 1 Almoken, formerly 1-for-1.



  • In preparation of their impending release, (empty) Haven World can be seen throughout the world, located within all Merchant Bridges. Though beware that this feature is not yet released and as a result, no interaction is possible (so stop clicking!). More information soon.


  • Sets can be separated even if the character does not meet the level requirement to wear the equipment pieces.
  • Twixler Candy cannot be traded.
  • Excarnus Hooves display correctly when the user carrying them moves.
  • Brick Bread can be stacked up to a quantity of 9,999 (formerly 999).


  • The new Gazette has been published, detailing the Whispering Island.


  • While mousing over an interactive element, the mouse icon will now indicate an action.