Content Update 1.6: Snap, Crackler, Whisperer – Teaser

By now, we bet you’re dying for finalized information regarding the upcoming Content Update slated for October 2nd. And like a best friend, we’re here to help you out: find within the first portion of changes which will make their way into the World of Twelve in mere days!

In what has become tradition, today we unveil the first portion of the changelog of the upcoming patch – the meatiest of meat. The second helping, which will be released upon server restart on October 2nd, will contain additional information such as additional improvements, bug corrections, and the like. But until then, enjoy and let us know what you think!

Whispering Island

The adventure area of Whispering Island will be making its debut to the citizens of the World!
Intended for adventurers level 95 and higher, the new area should satisfy those who’ve been waiting for a fresh challenge. You’ll meet new types of creatures, who call themselves the Whisperers and whom once populated the nation of Amakna (though since then have been driven away in order to find a new home). Mind you though, there was a tiny problem with their real-estate of choice: the island was already inhabited by Cracklers! But as the Whisperers are pugnacious and unstoppable creatures, they found a solution of  simply expanding their cities on top of the native race. That’s correct, RIGHT. ON. The Cracklers.
For a full outlook on what to expect of these people, you can review a short personal tour of their island in the last Dev Blog.
This ain’t a one trick pony, though! While you’re there, enjoy some of these additional benefits at our new “island resort”:

  • 4 exclusive dungeons to explore, including the “Whisper Crisper,” “the Crackapult Range,” “The Rock” and “the Hushquarters.”
  • 7 new creatures to face, such as the “Infantry” and “Crossbow” Whisperers and even the “Whispered Crackrock.”
  • 12 quests to unravel and complete.
  • 8 achievements to master, like “Murmurasa” which will have you seeking out the Stone of Murmurs.
  • 4 new special emotes relating to the Whisperers themselves.
  • 55 new items to collect, including the new “Fortified Set.”
  • 3 titles to earn, where you can call yourselves the “Hoarse Whisperer” among others.
  • And countless numbers of Whisperers to smash!

A word of advice: judge them by their size, you should not!

Renewed Creature Families

Creatures that roam Amkana’s Fertile Prairie, Bonta’s Cania Plains, Brakmar’s Mourning Wood, and Sufokia’s Terrana Dune will be updated!
You’ll find the same families you know and love but groups will be slightly changed to produce a better game experience.

Mobile Arena Rebalance

We’ve enhanced the experience gain from Mobile Areas per your feedback.
It’s time to dust off those Bronze Tokens!

New Locations: Krosmaster Rooms and Haven-Worlds

The Gambling Commission of the World of Twelve has a new initiative!
Beginning October 2nd, you’ll now be able to find Krosmaster rooms nestled inside every gambling joint of every nation! Though the feature itself will not yet be officially released or accessible, you’ll be able to claim your chair and get it warm for the big day.

Similarly, you’ll also be able to stumble upon locations of Haven-Worlds! While located on Market Bridges, they’ll not offer anything for sale yet either. More information to come.

New Gazette

A new Gazette will be published, including information about the Whispering Island!

Account Service: Character Renames

Don’t like your name anymore? Wish to erase a youthful mistake? The Foggernaut invasion inspired you to start anew? From October 2nd, the Boutique will offer a character renaming service, allowing you to assume a new identity for a modest Ogrine free.