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Dev Blog: Discover Whispering Island

27 Sep 2012

You’ve probably already heard whispers about a new Adventure Island that will soon appear in the World of Twelve called Whispering Island. If you’re dying to know more about the strange creatures that live there, and how you’ll be able to meet them yourself, then read on…

Come closer, dear adventurer, you are about to witness something amazing. Ever since Ogrest’s Chaos, we’ve been discovering more and more new islands. They may seem barren and untamed, but some of them are quite the opposite. Not only are the inhabitants civilized, they are becoming well-known across the World of Twelve! So join us in discovering one of the newest islands while its still shrouded in mystery to the majority of us.

Tales from Whispering Island

The isle of which I speak is called Whispering Island, a strange place which almost seems to come from another era. Although nature rules supreme on this island, its ruins aren’t as abandoned as we initially thought. Despite its desert appearance, this island is teeming with life.

Woah! Did you hear that? A deep, low rumbling just came from over there! Let’s go take a look! But keep your eyes peeled… That sound would give anyone the creeps. Follow me!

The cries are getting louder and deeper. Can you feel them vibrating through your body? It’s as though the earth itself were shouting. No… Not shouting. Howling… Howling with pain. The earth almost sounds like its wailing. Geez, did you feel that tremor? It felt like an enormous rock just hit the ground. We better move carefully, on out tippy-toes… No, not literally, you’ll sprain your ankle.

Whatever you do, don’t bump into any of the stones scattered about. The slightest sound might wake whatever THING is nearby…

Look, Cracklers! Dozens of Cracklers! They seem to be acting strange, don’t you think? Do you think there’s some kind of predator nearby? By Osamodas, what kind of creature would frighten them away? Maybe we should leave this place. Wait, what the?! Look at those Cracklers over there! It looks like they have tiny little towns built on their backs! How bizarre… That one has a turret coming out of its shoulder!

What’s that little thing poking out of the turret? It looks like some kind of animal. It appears to be walking upright and it’s wearing armor. What’s it doing with that long piece of rope? Oh, we’re about to get a demonstration it seems. What? Why would you truss up a poor, unsuspecting Crackler? I don’t understand this place at all! Now the little dude is whispering something in the Crackler’s ear. Hey, can you hear it? It’s too quiet for me to catch from here. Judging by the way the poor brute is writhing around under the rope, he’s definitely not reading him a love poem.

I think we’ve stumbled upon something really quite fascinating! I don’t know what’s going, but we’ll have to tell everyone about it when we get back home. Look, the Crackler has given up struggling. Now, where are they taking him to?

Hey, could you stop tapping me on the shoulder, please? It’s kind of ruining this otherwise intense moment. Sir! Did you hear what I just… Oh, um… How’s it going? Sir? Ma’am? I do apologize. I must say, that’s some fine armor you’re wearing. I’m truely sorry,  I didn’t catch what you just said, could you repeat that?  WHAT–Oh no! Run, my friend! Run for your life! Don’t turn back! We’ll meet again, but just run for now!


Not only are there new creatures to discover, Whispering Island is also home to a ton of content for players level 95 and up. This includes new dungeons, quests and plenty of other surprises just waiting to be discovered! Curious about the world you just got a glimpse of? You don’t have wait long, the new island will open its doors to adventurers Tuesday, October 2nd!

See you soon in the World of Twelve!