WAKFU: Weekend Server Crash Compensation

The game servers were temporary unavailable due to an unexpected outage, as a result we will be giving out a compensation package to all subscribers that logged into the NOX server during the server crash this past weekend for the inconvenience they experienced.
Our apologies,

There were connectivity issues across all servers this past weekend for about two hours. This was related to an unexpected issue that occurred over at out data center, fortunately issue has been corrected now. Those who attempted to connect during this time will be receiving a Compensation Package, via the Gift Interface, for any inconvenience they have experienced.
The Compensation Package will be for all subscribers who were connected to the server on Sunday, September 23rd, between 3am and 3pm PST will receive the following:

  • Wisdom and Prospecting Candies, Canoon Powder, and food for your Pet.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while the issue was resolved.