Dev Blog: History of the Foggernauts

Dearest fellow surface-dwellers, I’ve heard that a few of you are steaming mad and want some answers to your questions regarding the terrible tomfoolery that has transpired on our behalf. It wasn’t the best way for things to come about and we would have liked for everything to have gone a little bit more swimmingly…

Forgive me, I forgot my manners, let me introduce myself: I am Wicky Leeks, great historian and librarian for the Royal family of the Foggernaut people. Our regent sent me your way so that I can tell you more about our people, our history, and the future we would like to build with you.

The first texts about us predate the Great Apocalypse, before Ogrest Chaos, and even before the beginning of the eighth century, in the full age of Dofus.

“If we are certain that we have found traces of an ancient civilization around Sufokia, we have to know what has become of his council. The strange machines found in the temple of Oktapodas suggest that the Foggernaut people might have fled the surface and took refuge in the depths. In any case, their level of technology (or rather Technomagic as it is written in the texts found) seems very high… Maybe we could possibly use it? ‘

Peter Allabort, Date : 642

Gradually the Sufokians began to worship Oktapodas, and they became the new Foggernaut people. As for your elders, the Ogrest Chaos upset the tranquility of them and our ancestors.

King Agon seems crazy, of course nobody will dare speak up to him and everyone follows him blindly. The loss of his daughter during the flood has destroyed him. It seems now that his mind is possessed by this mysterious purple gem, the Stasili. He spoke only about the gem, “All these hopes are resting on it.” I’m not sure that our old Technomagic marries for the best with this strange stone. As long as we will control it, everything will be all right I guess. For the moment the mechanical armors require one of us to be on board, to lead them. But some tests are underway to make these wood and steel beings autonomous. Perhaps this is our evolution. Who am I to judge?”

Darl Charwin, Date : 790

This young scientist could not have said it better himself, we found our way. The Sufokia people, wishing to escape the chaos of the surface, followed in the footsteps of the first Foggernauts. They built a huge dome on the ocean floor, and built a huge city. Thinking that life was extinct on the surface, they named their city “Sufokia,” in memory of their past lives.

Here, safe from everything else, the kings succeeded one another, and the people changed:

“Our research on Technomagic is moving in the right direction! The Sufokian are stronger than ever! We found the way to fix the weakness of our organic bodies. Gradually, the workers replace their tired limbs with prostheses powered by Stasis energy. If the first Foggernauts mastered the Technomagic, I think we can say without vanity that through Stasili we surpassed them! The modern man will now be mechanical. From our homes to our bodies, Stasis flows between us, connecting us as a collective consciousness. It is time that we make them understand that those who want to remain as Oktapodas remain as such and that we are their superiors, us, the modified Foggernauts! Rushu can carry these so said blessed ones out! Only our Technomagic and more developed cognitive abilities are why our people are still alive to this day! We must seize this power, the city, and convince our peers to accept to make the changes to their bodies change as we did ours, willingly or unwillingly! Who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to return to the surface and destroy any resistance! We were once surface people and the land is rightfully ours! “

General Sid Sero, Date : 816

Unfortunately, our Gracious King did not hear it that way. Protecting at all costs his unmodified counterparts, he started the rebellion. This event is known by our people as the “Mechanical Uprising“, a series of dark days when the internal war raged. However, after these events, peace was made between the two factions. Body modifications continued to spread, but tensions had disappeared. The royal family solemnly undertook to not resort to any Technomagical surgery to ensure the purity of his lineage. Meanwhile, scientists devised receptacles for the soul working on Stasis energy. Our people renewed, increasingly mechanical. The majority of the people soon looked nothing like our ancestors.

“We lack resources… Stasis energy was running out. We must return to the surface, where Stasis is abundant in nature. Our scouts have informed us that the ancient inhabitants of the world are still present. We must therefore make an alliance with them, so that they accept us. Our appearance might repel them surely, but these primitive entities could be our salvation! We need to avoid creating panic. They must understand that our intentions are peaceful. “

Regent Skye Nett  (by order of Prince Adale), Date : 969

Unfortunately, we were tricked. Some modified beings of the first hour seem to have found our prototypes of our mechanical envelopes and have been sent to war against you. We’re sorry. Our intentions are anything but warlike. We wish for the survival of our people. Nothing more. Our first detachment will join you soon. If all goes well, the rest of us will follow. Our receptacles will be available for any new soul wishing to join us. Please again accept our apologies for these unfortunate events. We would now walk together with you towards a better future.