Meridia, Quests and Mount: That’s the Almanax!

Discover a new minor god each day and learn about his influence on the World of Twelve! Complete the daily quest of the day, and receive exclusive ingame rewards. If you gather 365 quest tokens, glory will be yours in the shape of the first ever Mount in WAKFU! Don’t wait any longer and consult the Almanax now!

The research of Magus Ax have finally paid off: if months were governed by Protectors, and hours ruled by Deamons, days had to have their own benefactors…

The answer was just waiting in the Astral Plan: minor gods handpicked by Xelor himself have been promoted to Guardians of the days, or Meridia. Each with their own personality and power, they influence the day placed under their protection, each in their own way. That’s what we call the Meridia Effect

The work of Magus Ax was compiled in a book: the Almanax.

Starting today, all adventurers can access this book online, and discover the Meridia of the day. It leads to a theme and a daily quest. You will also be able to see the Meridia of the next 7 days.

In other words, each day brings something new to those who read the Almanax regularly and complete the daily quests. And you will have to be thorough to get this famous Mount! It will only be granted to those who gathered 365 daily Almanax quests

We now end with a few example of the insiginas that can be earned using the Almokens:

For more information, you can read this devblog article for a deeper dive into the Almanax.