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WAKFU: The Foggernauts Are Here

14 Sep 2012

Today’s September 14th, and you ought to know what that means! That’s right… the Foggernauts have launched the next phase of their invasion: they’re now in your accounts! Purchase the new WAKFU Mag and you too can dominate the World of Twelve as a robotic creature of Stasis.

Play as a Foggernaut

That’s right – during your daily adventures, you can now expect to encounter Foggernauts with advanced A.I. comparable to other races of the World of Twelve! “How can that be?” you ask? Simple: they’re real players like everyone else. So… scratch that about them having Artificial Intelligence. Although, we might need to use the term “Intelligence” loosely for some…

So, will you be one of the early adopters to master this class and unleash the powers of Stasis that harbor inside?

Here’s a recap on our recent exclusives, just in case you missed some of them:

How to be a Foggernaut

Joining the first platoon of the Foggernaut army is quite easy: just pick up a copy of the WAKFU Mag!

Every copy of the WAKFU Mag comes with INSTANT access to our Head Start Program.

The WAKFU Mag is much more than just Foggernaut access though. Here is a list of what you will find in the first part of the magazine that’s now available:

  • A complete article about the Foggernauts
  • The newest issue of the Remington comic book series
  • Bronze Tokens for use at the Gambling Machines or Trool Fair

And September 18th, the complete content of the magazine will be unlocked, including:

  • A complete guide to Astrub and its hidden secrets
  • A guide about Forfut Island
  • Community fanart

Please keep in mind that Foggernaut access will be directly granted to the account that purchase the WAKFU Mag; be sure to carry out the purchase on the account you intend to play on!

Show Your Foggernaut Pride

Our website has just been updated! You’ll find a new character avatar for your persona, a new class Sub-Forum on the message boards to share your builds, and a new Character Page to research your passion! Oh my, it’s quite steamy in here…

See you in the World of Twelve with your new golden chasis bodies!