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Regional Data Centers and YOU!

14 Sep 2012

Data Centers

Along with the information we received today via the third stream of “Letter From The Producer LIVE!” we also received an update regarding the regional data centers that were previously mentioned.

The community’s response to this information was… mixed to say the least.

There are those that are more acquainted to modern day MMOs where servers are already separated by region or language who are in favor of this new change. They have no desire to interact with those that don’t speak the same language they do, let alone seeing shouts in a foreign language flood their chat log.

On the other side you have those that either have experience with Final Fantasy XI and enjoy the cultural mix that global servers have (when only located in one region), or those that are in a linkshell with people from countries around the globe. These are the people that think this is the worst idea in the history of ideas.

Players will be given the option of which server they would like to move to so just because you’re a North American player doesn’t mean you need to pick the North American server, you could pick one based in Japan. However, because the server would be physically closer to your location, you may experience less lag. I personally feel that having regional data centers is a good idea if there truly is that much of a difference with the lag. My hope however, is that Square Enix holds off on opening data centers until a proper amount of testing can be done in the alpha and beta so that they can receive feedback about the lag from multiple territories. After all, didn’t they re-design the entire game while keeping in mind that they had to reduce lag as much as possible? Let’s see if they succeeded before these regional severs open up and cause the community to segregate themselves.

But of course, you have your own opinions! And we’d like for you to share them with us!

We’ll be discussing this topic on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio so please vote in our poll and feel free to send us your thoughts via e-mail ([email protected]) or twitter (@aetheryte_radio)!

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