Soken Forgets To Wear Knee-Highs, Dalamud Impact Imminent

Soken Forgets Knee-Highs, Dalamud Impact Imminent

With yesterday’s release of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn presentation from the 25th anniversary event in Japan, we learned that Composer Masayoshi Soken took on Dalamud in an attempt to stop it from descending.

Why would a man attempt to take on the falling moon by himself? It’s a fair question and one that needs answering! Back in July, Soken wrote on his blog that if he received over 800 “likes” that he would stop Dalamud. 800 unique clicks later, Soken went one on one with Menphina’s loyal hound in one of the most epic battles Eorzea has ever seen.

Sadly, Soken admitted that he went easy on Dalamud for fear that A Realm Reborn would be delayed due to his efforts. But is that the real reason for his failed attempt?

Today on Twitter, Soken confirmed that “knee-high socks save the world!” and when asked if he had worn these socks when attempting to thwart Dalamud’s descent he answered, “I forgot to wear it!”.

Eorzea will go boom November 11th. Because Soken didn’t wear knee-high socks.