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WAKFU Mag #2: Foggernauts Article Preview

7 Sep 2012

Discover new information on the background of the Foggernauts, along with other additional new content, all within the second addition of the WAKFU Magazine! Coming soon in the WAKFU Boutique on September 14th!

Not only do they get to be on the cover of WAKFU Mag #2, and get a complete article about them…the Foggernauts will also invite themselves on your account!
Now don’t get too excited! If all of this hasn’t had you salivating already, here’s an excerpt of WAKFU Mag #2:

On the pre-publication date, alongside your access to the Foggernaut class, you will also have access to the first part of the Magazine, which will contain:

  • A complete article about the Foggernauts
  • The newest issue of the Remington comic book series

And September 18th, the complete content of the magazine will be unlocked, including:

  • A complete guide to Astrub and its hidden secrets
  • A guide about Forfut Island

Everything starts on September 14th!
The Foggernauts are looming on the horizon…