Kazuya Niinou Is FFXIV’s New Assistant Director

Kazuya Niinou Is FFXIV's New Assistant Director

During last weekends Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn presentation at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event in Japan, it was made known that Kazuya Niinou is now the Assistant Director of Final Fantasy XIV.

Niinou has been a longtime player of both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV and during the presentation stated that he was enjoying FFXIV so much that he bought the Collector’s Edition so that he could play the game early! For those unfamiliar with Kazuya Niinou, he has formerly worked at Atlus where he worked as a Director and Planner on Trauma Center: Under the Knife as well as being the Chief Planner for Etrian Odyssey.

During the presentation, it was asked how he came to be at Square Enix and Naoki Yoshida replied with “I’d never meet Niinou before. He contacted me out of the blue, asking for a job.” “How can I get into Square Enix and become part of the FFXIV team?”

While Niinou holds the title of Assistant Director, he noted that in actuality he is a quest and events coordinator.