WAKFU Mag: Coming Soon to North America

That’s right! North American disciples of the Twelve may now rejoice – the official WAKFU Mags are on their way. And with the Foggernauts launching their invasion upon the World, they’ve managed to take control of the second issue! Come and have look inside.

It’s a Double-Feature

The first two WAKFU Mags are officially making their way stateside!
For those of you not in “the know,” the WAKFU Mag is a regularly published digital magazine written by Ankama (development studio of WAKFU the MMORPG) and sold directly through our virtual e-store, the Boutique. Purchased with Ogrines, you’ll uncover fascinating facts and amusing stories pertaining to the mysterious Krozmos we all enjoy; plus, each purchase comes with a bonus gift for your patronage! How cool is that?!

WAKFU Mag | Volume 1: The Beginning

In the first volume, the WAKFU Mag provides a thorough overview of the land of Incarnam and its secrets – quite the resource for aspiring new adventurers looking for an edge!
Next up you’ll also be able to understand greater details of the combat system, Challenges, professions, the ecosystems, politics, laws and achievements! Oh… and there’s a bit about our handy-dandy Haven Bags. And for you comic folks, the first adventures of “Remington” will also be included.
But in the words of Milly Bays the Great Salesman, “Wait, there’s more!” With the purchase of this edition, you’ll also receive a free bonus gift of the rare “Chaos Set” – a sense of fashion instilled by the World of Twelve just before the Great Deluge wreaked havoc on the world.

WAKFU Mag | Volume 2: Foggernauts

Overpowering the Editors with their unfamiliar Stasis weaponry, the Foggernauts have taken over this edition! Not only will you find out details about their gameplay and combat skills, but an offering of Early Access to play them yourself!

There is a catch for this edition, though; in order to allow you Early Access with these robotic scoundrels, we’ve been forced (at Stasis-gunpoint) to release it in two parts:

Beginning September 14th, exclusive Early Access to the Foggernaut class will commence for purchasers of WAKFU Mag Volume 2. This period will last until October 16th, approximately when the class will become playable for all.
Upon purchase of said Mag volume, alongside Early Access to the Foggernauts, purchasers will also be able to read the first portion of the magazine, which content will contain:

  • A complete review of the Foggernauts
  • Continuation of the Remington Comics

On September 18th, the complete content of volume 2 will be made available entailing the following sections:

  • A guide to Astrub and its hidden secrets
  • A guide to Forfut Island
  • Community Highlights: Fan Art

With that in mind, if you want to be a true master of the Wakfu energies and fight alongside these new forces of Stasis, you now know what it takes to do it! Get ready to visit the Boutique very soon and pick up your copy of the WAKFU Mag!