Hitman: Absolution- Contracts Lets You Kill The Guy In the Crapper

3 Sep 2012

Hitman: Absolution- Contracts Lets You Kill The Guy In the Crapper

Yesterday we had the chance to attend the Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Demo panel at PAX 2012! We got a look at the newly announced contracts mode which will give the players alternative targets to assasinate as they progress through the campaign.

After you complete a section of the game, you then have the opportunity to go back through it and create your own contracts. This doesn’t involve some type of odd level-building type system, you simply play the game in the way you want the contract requirements to be set. It makes it easy to construct and reassures players that they aren’t attempting the impossible.

In the demo we saw the Chicago level that was shown off at E3 where you stumble upon the base of operations for some “tomato plant” growing Hippies. To make your contract, you simply go through the level and play out the actions you want to have in your contract. So say for example, if you want one of the hits to be on the guy that’s trying to flush his “tomato plant” down the toilet, you would go up and make the kill. However there’s also more to it. What kind of weapon did you use? Did you simply shoot him? What were you wearing? Did you have some type of disguise on? All of these factor into the contract that you make. There are also other objectives that can be met within any contract that will increase the payout you receive at the end.

You can set up to three targets that need to be offed in the Contract. After you’re satisfied with your targets and method of elimination, you have to find an exit from the area. This can usually be something such as an elevator, window etc.

You can also set the weapon and costume Agent 47 starts the Contract with. And yes, for those of you who have played past Hitman games, the Chicken costume will be returning!

Once your contract is made, you can send it off to the server and anyone around the world can take on the contract you made. IO Interactive is going to feature five contracts every week for players to take on.

Hitman: Absolution will arrive on November 20th.